Brand Communities

The Intersection of seekers and believers.

You build the vehicle, then let them drive.

Where to?

You work hard to get new business. Making a sale is great, but creating a life-long customer is your ultimate destination. In truth, brand communities generate more value when members control them—and companies create favorable driving conditions.

Getting there is half of the fun

A sense of connection—to be part of something greater—drives most of us. By creating a vehicle that transports the conversation from functional—to social—to emotional, you allow “seekers” to interact with “believers” in an authentic dialogue that delivers a solid connection to your brand.

The road to a loyal customer is only a conversation away.

Brand communities require considerable commitments of time and talent, but the rewards are huge. They buy more, remain loyal, and reduce marketing costs through grassroots evangelism. Brand communities provide the fuel to drive your revenue engine. And, If your brand engine misfires, they are there to help fine tune your brand before it sputters to a stop.

Accelerated Imagination can help you develop authentic relationship with people who share your passion, and keep you on the road to success.