Accelerating Authentic Brands from the Inside Out.

Accelerated Imagination works with you to create a culture of enriched employees, aligned teams, and powerful market engagement to express to the world who you are, and what you stand for. Because an authentic brand, driven by passion and compellingly communicated from leadership to employee to customer—is a brand worth believing in.

June 11, 2014

Creating a Culture of Climbers

Climbers are dedicated to a lifelong ascent. They work as a team. They solve problems creatively with focus and discipline. Moreover, when they summit, they celebrate together.

How can Accelerated Imagination help you create a culture that is committed to the climb? How can we help your employees sustain the energy level required to reach the summit?

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External branding is telling your story. Internal branding is living your story.

Customer-Centric: The Purpose

  • Customer experience
  • Relationship marketing
    • Social media
    • Brand communities
    • Content
    • Loyalty/fan programs
    • Executive visibility
    • Community outreach
  • Brand development and launch
  • Market research
  • Demand generation
  • Public relations
  • Integrated marketing
  • Event and promotional marketing
  • Design, copywriting, and collateral
  • Launch management
  • Brand merchandising
  • Partnerships and channels

Team-Centric: The Passion

  • Organizational transformation
  • Strategic alignment
  • Leadership communication
  • Corporate culture assessment
  • Employee engagement
  • Decision rights and role definition
  • Generating new ideas
  • Brand strategy
    • Name and brand language
    • Brand rationalization and integration
    • Departmental brand readiness
  • Mission, Vision and Values statements
  • Team dynamics
  • Rewards, recognition, and positive reinforcement
  • Project prioritization
  • Technology choice and implementation
  • Adding happy to the mix