Customer Experience

Because the customer sees every facet of your business.

Don’t let your own brilliance blind you from the customer.

Customers come at you from many angles

Our customers decide to buy from us – or not – before we even know they’re interested. Often, they like our offerings for reasons we think are secondary to the “important” features, or shop at one venue only to buy from another. How can you spark and sustain a superior customer experience through myriad access points? Accelerated Imagination begins with your customers, and builds the experience around them.

Are all facets of your business ready to engage?

Sales and Marketing are working hard. PR is making sure you’re in the news. But do customers understand your pricing? And what help do you offer them after you sell them your product? Accelerated Imagination helps you craft a holistic engagement plan encompassing customer interaction before, during and after the sale.

Real is better than fake, any day

Accelerated Imagination helps you express the values behind your brand throughout the customer experience. We help you reach customers where they expect to find you, and build an authentic relationship that grows more valuable over time.

Appraising success

While it’s easier to reach prospects today, it’s harder to understand why they choose to buy. Accelerated Imagination can assess, recommend, configure and implement back-office CRM, demand generation and attribution systems that help you convert more prospects to loyal customers.