Team Engagement

Powerful purpose delivers powerful results.

Moment of Swing

In crewing, the energy an oarsman puts into the boat seems to perfectly propel the hull forward, achieving a “moment of swing.” When a boat has swing, its motion seems almost effortless across the water. Although there are eight oarsmen in the boat, it is as if there is only one person — with perfect timing and perfect strength.

Engage! Engage! Engage!

Of all the people you try to reach, your employees are the most important. When they come to work is it because they have a job to do—or a company they believe in?

From compliant–to compelling—to self-propelling.

So, how do you get them onboard? At Accelerated Imagination, we help you develop an organizational identity with a compelling purpose, a clear vision and strategy, and a brand promise that every employee can embrace.

Specifically, we work with you to develop an organization that:

  • Has a vision so compelling that people vie for a place on the team,
  • Develops strategies and tactics to ensure success,
  • Builds teams that collaborate and execute,
  • Clearly and consistently communicates ideas and information,
  • Embraces challenges with creativity, skill, endurance and strength, and
  • Recognizes and rewards team members for their contributions.

We help you build focused and engaged teams delivering a customer experience that surpasses your brand promise.