What We Believe

Know the goal. Build the team. Win the future.

Our Mission

To create a bond between company culture and strategic goals that energizes teams, excites customers and delivers results.

What We Believe

Our practice is an outgrowth of our values, and our methods the distillation of our collective knowledge.

Anything is possible.

All challenges are overcome by facing them head on, making a plan, and going for it.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Sometimes the roadblocks are of our own creation. Accelerated Imagination helps identify roadblocks and removes them through proven employee engagement and strategic alignment methods.

To be understood, you must understand.

Whether it is the CEO announcing a reorganization or a marketer launching a new product, Accelerated Imagination helps you avoid the unintended consequences of your communications. We artfully craft your message so it is not only heard, but understood and embraced.

Always, tell it like it is.

Sometimes we are so busy being successful we lose track of the meaning of success. Accelerated Imagination helps clarify what success looks like with stated goals, measureable milestones, and crisply defined roles.

Our Approach

We are already underway.

We are always in learning mode, continuously curious, embracing change, and investigating new methods and technologies to meet your needs today and into the future. We bring a 360-degree mindset to projects to ensure that creative, financial, technical and team strengths and constraints are well thought out. We leverage our own collaborative brain trust to deliver intelligent memory and powerful solutions that meet your unique challenges.

We help you think better.

Imagine the success you could achieve if your company’s brain trust worked 100% collaboratively. If every activity was an expression of the brand, you have created. Through our Intersectional Thinking Framework, we improve the innovation process by not only tapping into your teams’ memories and experiences –but from exploring the fringes of your organization to spark flashes of insight that create new thinking and innovative solutions meeting the needs of an ever-changing marketplace.

Brands are stronger when you narrow the focus.

Often, the biggest obstacle to success is not a competitor, a new regulation, or old technology. Sometimes – it is you. Our Swing Thoughts™ Framework is often your way forward. It is about getting out of your own way and narrowing your focus to avoid overthinking and paralysis of analysis. Analytics are extremely valuable…but if the end game is to deliver a consistent and compelling brand promise, clarity is king.

But, we can get specific.

What does success look like? What does “all our customers are asking for it” really mean? And what is “it,” anyway? We dig way beyond the surface to mine actionable data, build specific goals, and deliver tangible, measurable results. Your CFO will be deeply grateful.

And we finish strong.

The Accelerated Imagination team measures success by your definition. Is it a purpose-driven team working together toward a common goal? A strong demand-generation strategy and a plan to execute it? Or, a well-launched brand reflecting what makes you unique? Accelerated Imagination has the models and best practices to get you there. You pick the destination.